We are Carlos y Marian, we live Los Narejos in a big house so that our cats have a lot of  space.

Twelve years ago (2.002) we bought our first persian cat, its company and affection impulsed us to buy another and another, but then we wanted make things better and improve our cattery because what began being company, has become a passion. All of them give us a lot of affection, tenderness, illusion....and those surprises that so much we they like. They are a complement to our life therefore everything that we give them they return to us amply. They live continuously with us totally free and in superb hygiene conditions, and we dedicate a great part of our time to them breeding completely sociable and very loving kittens.

The cattery name "dulce embrujo" "sweet bewitch" is for the emotions that they cause in us, because with those faces, espresions... they bewitch you but in a way as sweet as they are. In the same way, we try to breed exotic and persian kittens according to the standards that their breed should has but with those sweet, open and a little bit scatterbrained expresions  that we like so much.

To finish, we want to give thanks to all those people that trust in us and that they support and help us so much. They know very well who they are, so we don't need to mention them one by one in our web site. Thanks for all.

We hope you like our web site.

We wish you well,


     Marian and Carlos of

                             DULCE EMBRUJO